Dazzle 2 Pack – Multi-Purpose Polish And Protectant

Dazzle 2 Pack – Multi-Purpose Polish And Protectant

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Repairs, Polishes and Protects

A superior blend of silicons, detergents and lemon oils formulated to clean, polish and protect. Quickly and easily removes old wax build-ups and fills in minor scratches and cracks. Rubs out easily to a clean, bright, durable shine. A non-greasy protective finish is left that resists finger prints, smudges and further soiling. All surfaces are left clean, shining and fresh smelling. Perfect on showers doors and walls (avoid the floor) to keep hard water from building up. Great on counters so things like juice, punch and wine won’t stain the counter when spilled. Great in the car to polish and protect the inside and out. Doesn’t attract dust!

  • Cleans, polishes, and protects
  • Safe on formica, laminate, vinyl, plastic and stainless steel
  • Removes old wax build up and fills in minor scratches and cracks.
  • Leaves a non-greasy protective finish
  • Easy to Use


  • 2 - 32oz Ready-To-Use Dazzle Cleaner and Polish.
  • 2 nozzles

Directions for use:

  1. Apply a light amount of product onto surface that is to be polished.
  2. Wipe immediately with a soft, clean cloth until the surface is shiny.
  3. For vertical surfaces, or if sprayed next to upholstery, apply directly onto cloth, then polish

View the Safety Data Sheet for this item.

Made in the USA