Starter Cleaning Kit

Starter Cleaning Kit

  • $39.95

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Being efficient goes a long way in speeding you though housework! Our cleaning kits, complete with handy carrying caddy, have all the essential cleaning supplies you'll need to tackle the cores in every room of your home. Don't waste time chasing your supplies around - try one of these kits today.

This kit is filled with all our best selling products and tools:

1 - Carrying caddy

1 - Safety Foam

1 - Johnny Mop

1 - Caddy for Safety Foam

1 - Pumice stone

1 - Showers And Stuff

1 - Grout brush with squeegee 

1 - Pole for grout brush

1 - Blue sponge

1 - Clean and Brite RTU

1 - Soil Master RTU

1 - Dual Duty Cloth

1 - Mitt