Complete Toilet Set With Pumice Stone - All-In-One Toilet Cleaning Set

Complete Toilet Set With Pumice Stone - All-In-One Toilet Cleaning Set

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Everything You Need to Clean Your Toilet like A Pro

This Toilet Set makes cleaning your toilet a breeze. Fast and effective, Safety Foam cleans and deodorizes in just minutes. Dissolves hard water rings, too. Use with Don’s Johnny Mop and in three easy steps, you’ll have your toilets shining like new. Includes a pumice stone to remove tough hard water scale from the toilet bowl for good.

NOTE: Not for use on colored porcelain

  • Makes Cleaning your Toilet a Breeze!
  • Keep your toilet looking like new!
  • Deodorizes in minutes
  • Includes handy Caddy to keep all your tools nearby
  • With cone on Johnny mop hands never touch the water


  • 1 - 32oz Safety Foam Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • 1 - Johnny Mop toilet bowl swab
  • 1 - Acid Resistant Bowl Caddy
  • 1 - Pumice Stone
  • 1 - Squirt top

How to clean your toilet bowl in 3 easy steps:

Lower the water level in the bowl with the Johnny Mop Apply about 1 oz of Safety Foam to the Johnny Mop, swabbing the ring and under the rim. Allow to sit about 5 minutes and then flush. Be sure to watch the demonstration video.

How to use the Pumice Stone:

  • Wet the stone
  • Work it over the ring
  • Rub on the lines under the rinsing holes
  • Don’t forget under the rim

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