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Don Aslett’s Grime Stopper Indoor/Outdoor Mat

Fashion and function come together in Don Aslett’s Grime Stopper Indoor/Outdoor Mat. The Grime Stopper Mat is tough enough to be used outdoors, attractive enough to be used indoors.

Long wearing and durable, these mats trap water and mud in the mat and keep it out of your home! The texture of the mats is re-enforced with rubber nubs to resist crushing, so your mat will look new and perform longer.  Finished with durable and fade resistant polypropylene fibers, the Grime Stopper dries quickly to extend wear and prevent rotting.  Raised border helps hold water and dirt off the floor.  The rubber backing lays flat, it won’t crack and curl like less expensive mats.

In the professional industry, mats have been used for years to keep dirt outside where it belongs. Many people use outdoor mats, but indoor mats are just as import.  The dirtiest section of your carpet is often the 3’ to 4’ section just inside your door.  Or, if that area is a hard floor, it may show more wear than other areas of your home.  Dirt acts like sandpaper in your carpet and on your floors to wear down the fibers and hard finish.  Using a Grime Stopper Mat indoors will help extend the life of your floors, whether they are carpet or hard floors.

Easy care – just vacuum or shake the dirt loose. Hose off and hang to dry.  Not for use around animal fats or petroleum products.

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Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center.

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