X-O - The Original Smell Eliminator

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Don't Mask Smells, Eliminate Them

Super-sized household odors? Let X-O Neutralizer tackle the smelly or smoky spots in the kitchen, bathroom, and garage, anywhere! X-O doesn't just mask or hide odors, it effectively neutralizes them so they're gone--without any heavy perfume or cleaner smell. X-O's ingredients make it an effective odor neutralizer that's suitable for use around pets, so you can eliminate those stinky litter box and pet bed odors with peace of mind. From Don Aslett.

  • All natural
  • Eliminate orders for good
  • Safe around pets
  • Safe on fabrics
  • Use all around the home
  • 2 - 32-oz Super Concentrate X-O Neutralizer
  • 1 - Spray nozzle
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Made in the USA