SpotVac Subsurface Extractor

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  • Save $45.05

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Remove the contaminates from under the carpet and eliminate hidden stains and odors. Many people are unaware those little spills on carpet don't just evaporate; they accumulate in the "sub-surface" beneath the carpet, embedded in the backing and pad, growing ore smelly and toxic as bacteria multiply. Professional carpet cleaners handle these kinds of messy disasters with a process called "sub-surface extraction." The good news for home owners is apt this ultimate professional solution is now available for the rest of us! Of all the carpet cleaning systems available for home use, ONLY the SpotVac is designed to remove contaminates form under the carpet where the real problem exists. Using proven flush-cleaning extraction you can permanently eliminate the hidden stains and orders from liquid spills and make those reappearing stains and odors disappear forever.

NOTE: This does require a wet/dry vac which is not included.

  • Remove contaminates from under the carpet
  • Prevent stains from becoming toxic and bacteria ridden
  • Professional spot treatment
  • Proven flush cleaning extraction
  • Easy to use