Safety Foam 2 Pack – Professional Strength Foaming Bowl Cleaner

Safety Foam 2 Pack – Professional Strength Foaming Bowl Cleaner

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Customer Rated #1 – “The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Ever”

Make your toilet sparkle with safe and easy-to-use Safety Foam. Fast and effective, Safety Foam cleans and deodorizes in just minutes. Dissolves hard water rings too. Use with Don’s Johnny Mop (sold separately) and in three easy steps, you’ll have your toilets shining like new. Lower the water level in the bowl with the Johnny Mop Apply about 1 oz of Safety Foam to the Johnny Mop, swabbing the ring and under the rim. Allow to sit about 5 minutes and then flush

NOTE: We are unable to ship Safety Foam to addresses outside the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Deodorizes in Minutes
  • Keeps your Toilets Shining Like New
  • Dissolves Hard Water Rings


  • 2 - 32oz Ready-To-Use Safety Foam Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
  • 2 - Squirt tops


Directions for use:

This product is ready to use

  • Lower water level in the bowl with Johnny Mop using a plunging action. This exposes the hard water ring and other contaminates found in the toilet. (The mistake most people make when cleaning toilets is pouring the cleaning solution directly into the water, diluting it).
  • After the water level is lowered, pour just enough Safety Foam on the bowl swab to wet it (1 – 2 oz) then apply briskly to bowl and up under the rim. The brisk action will cause the Safety Foam to foam and cling; this allows it to dissolve any mineral deposits.
  • Let it sit; you aren’t scrubbing it off, you are letting the acids and detergents in Safety Foam do the work. On most toilets, 2 – 5 minutes is enough time. (For heavy build up a pumice stone or Shaw’s Pad may be required to remove water ring and build up under the rim.)
  • Give it a couple final swishes, then flush it down, rinsing your bowl swab. Store Safety Foam and Johnny Mop away from children.

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