Top Gloss Gallon- Gives Floors A High Gloss Shine While Adding Protection

Top Gloss Gallon- Gives Floors A High Gloss Shine While Adding Protection

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Add Shine And Preserve Dull, Worn Floors With A Protective Acrylic Finish.

Are you chasing the stunning mirror-like glossy shine of a professionally polished floor? Don Aslett’s Top Gloss is exactly what you need! Gets you that “wow” factor on vinyl, stone, terrazzo, concrete, and linoleum. Not only will you get incredible, long-lasting shine when you use Top Gloss, you’ll also be protecting your floors from the daily wear and tear!

  • Incredible high gloss shine
  • Slip resistant
  • Long lasting shine and protection
  • Perfect for vinyl, linoleum, concrete, and stone floors

Contains 1 gallon of floor finish

    Directions for use: Preparation: If surface requires stripping, use a top quality stripping agent and follow the directions accordingly. If stripping is not necessary, sweep up excess dirt and debris and clean thoroughly with a quality floor cleaner to remove dirt and oils. Rinse surface thoroughly and allow to dry complete

    FINISHING: Apply 2 to 3 thin coats of Top Gloss finish using a clean, damp mop. Allow a minimum of 45 minutes of drying time between each application. Re-apply as necessary to achieve preferred gloss and shine

    RECOATING: Use dust mop or broom to thoroughly clean surface then scrub using a general floor cleaner diluted according to directions. To finish, apply 1 or 2 thin coats to Top Gloss with a clean, damp mop.

    Made in the USA