Don Aslett's SpotVac Subsurface Extractor

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When you clean up those spills and wet “messes” on the carpet left by your kids or new puppy, it may look clean when you’re done, but you’ve only cleaned the top – the part you can see.  What about the stuff that soaked in, past the carpet and into the padding and the sub-floor beneath? You can’t reach them, so the soaked-in yucky stuff just hangs out – a hidden breeding ground for germs and odors. Don’t rip up your carpet – and don’t leave the problem to fester! Clean it the way a professional would – with subsurface extraction.

Subsurface extraction works via “flush-cleaning” – the method proven to permanently remove the soaked-in yuck trapped beneath your carpet. The Spot Vac is the only subsurface extractor available for home use. Attach it to your wet-dry vac and prepare to be amazed.  Stubborn odors you couldn’t get rid of, “magic” stains that re-appear after you’ve cleaned them – along with the odors and germs they are feeding – are completely flushed away and removed from carpet backing and padding, down to the subfloor. Even works on old subsurface stains and odors!

  • Use with a wet/dry vacuum – vacuum not included
  • Permanently removes stains and contaminants from underneath the carpet
  • Easy to use
  • Proven flush-cleaning extraction – the subsurface method professionals use
  • Permanently eliminates reoccurring odors and stains that won’t stay gone

Contains 1 Spot Vac Subsurface Extractor

NOTE: must be used with a wet/dry vac – vacuum not included