ScrubPac Heavy Duty Cleaner Kit

Pre-Portioned Cleaner For Everything In And Around Your Home

For cleaning and degreasing shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, baseboards, vinyl furniture, wall spotting, and other soiled surfaces and equipment. Excellent for deep cleaning and power scrubbing all hard surface floors. One of Portion-pac’s revolutionary portion control packs and the matching spray bottle will save you money, and by using less packaging, you are helping the environment! Get better results than the national brand at a fraction of the price.

Kit Includes: 6 Scrub Pac’s and one quart sized spray bottle.


Directions For Use:

Simply add 1 packet of ScrubPac® Glass Cleaner to a quart sized spray bottle.

Fill the spray bottle with water up to the fill line.


Click the button below to view, download, and print the Material Safety Data Sheet for ScrubPac Heavy Duty Cleaner Kit:

msds (100 px)

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