GlassPac Window Cleaner Kit

The Environmental Way to Clean Glass and Mirrors

Once you try this Glass Cleaner, you will never use grocery store brands again! Evaporates quickly so streaks are a thing of the past. And because it is so effective, you will use less every time you clean! One of these economical packs and the matching spray bottle will save you money, and by using less packaging, you are helping the environment. One pack makes one quart of glass cleaner.

Kit Includes: 6 Glass Pac’s and one quart sized spray bottle.



Directions For Use:

Simply add 1 packet of GlassPacĀ® Glass Cleaner to a quart sized spray bottle.

Fill the spray bottle with water up to the fill line.

Click the button below to view, download, and print the Material Safety Data Sheet for GlassPac Window Cleaner Kit:

msds (100 px)

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