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Cleaning Where We Live…The Dining Room – Where we eat, meet, play and stockpile!


“Whether it’s a formal dining table or a stool at the kitchen counter, everybody has to eat someplace. And where food and people meet, there are cleaning challenges unlike any other room in the house. ” … Don Aslett

Your dining room is the place where the family gathers to enjoy meals. It’s also a meeting place, a gaming table, a place for doing homework and a catch all for stuff – a lot of stuff. The entire family uses it in so many ways that the dining room suffers from kitchen type messes, family room clutter, carpet stains, sticky floors and more.

Cleaning the dining room can be done fast and efficiently if you focus on one room at a time. Here is a complete professional cleaner’s guide to cleaning the dining area to make YOURS the best it can be:

Start by getting rid of clutter first: It’s no surprise the dining table attracts clutter. It’s a large flat space, perfect for setting things down when you’re in a hurry. So when you enter the room to get started, arm yourself with a box or laundry basket to gather and sort through all the things that don’t belong there – everything from newspapers, magazines, toys, cell phones, letters, notebooks and more. Decide right then to discard or store these items in their proper place and then do it.

Airborne grease, dirt and dust:  Most dining rooms have a light fixture or chandelier above the table.  These become coated with a fine layer of airborne grease and oil created when cooking. Over time, floating dirt and dust collect in the grease molecules and coat everything in a fine layer of grime and dust. There is nothing worse than getting a dust bunny in your dinner plate! Use a cobweb brush  with an extension pole to safely reach above your head to remove loose dirt from the ceiling, fixtures and corners.  To tackle the grease, grab SoilMaster.  You are probably going to need a stronger concentration to break up the hardened grease that accumulates, so start with 3:1.  Spray some onto a cloth so you have control (you don’t want to get it inside the electrical fixtures).  Work the grease off and then finish by wiping everything down with a clean damp cloth.

Wash down the walls – top to bottom: It never ceases to amaze me where food splatter can end up! Your eating area walls can become visual menus of every recent meal. Whether it’s food, smudges, scuffs or splatter – they can all be washed away. Ready To Use SoilMaster cleans all water safe surfaces and is formulated to remove grease, oil, fingerprints and other tough soils. Remember to clean all light switch plates and other handles with a disinfecting cleaner such as A2Z or Heavy Duty Spray & Wipe Cleaner to prevent the spread of germs.

Better light, less odors: Consider switching to eco-friendly, CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs not only save you money, they are much cooler and don’t add heat to the room. Healthy CFL light bulbs from Purely Products contain ionic purifiers that clean the air of smoke, odor, dust and other airborne irritants while on – this is an especially good option for dining rooms where food odors can linger for days.

Deep-clean and condition the wood: Wood needs special care to maintain it’s beauty, color and luster. Wash wooden tables and chairs with Wood Wash to get them clean. Wood Wash is a neutral cleaner specifically formulated for use on all types of wood surfaces, finished, oiled or unfinished. Check for any scuffs or scratches and use a Tibet Almond Stick to repair them. It works like magic to mask superficial scratches – no stains or paint required. Then refresh and revitalize the wood using Wood & Furniture Polish. It contains lemon oil and beeswax for a healthy glow and lasting shine that you’ll love.

Everything falls to the floor: As they say, what goes up, must come down and the flooring around your dining table knows this better than anything. Anything you serve on the table eventually ends up on the floor and, in the case of carpeting and rugs, can ruin them. Fortunately, most food related stains are water based, so an encapsulating carpet spotter like Oxy Action is a must to have on hand for food related spills.

Kool-Aid, Jelly, Wine – Oh My!:  Things get more difficult when the stains have dyes like wine, juice or chocolate. Even with today’s stain resistant fibers, these accidents can cause big trouble.  Juice Out is your best friend in such emergencies. It separates dyes and food coloring from stained carpet fibers through a heat transfer chemical reaction to remove them completely. When properly used, Juice Out will save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs for just a few pennies per application.

The dining room is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. Once it’s cleaned and organized, just add family and activities and watch how fast it comes to life!

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