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Time for Spring Cleaning


Most of us like to freshen things up a bit around the house when spring arrives. At the same time, who wants to spend a lot of effort cleaning? That’s where Don Aslett’s can help. We have professional products, tools and techniques that are true timesavers so you can spend more time doing your favorite things.

Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center came up with a list of favorites, cleaning products and tools that they just wouldn’t clean without.

Here are a few of them. Give them a try and enjoy more free time.

  • Showers-n-Stuff – One product does it all. Hard water scale, body oil buildup and soap scum can make cleaning the tub a time-consuming task. Not with Showers-n-Stuff. Spray it on using a foaming nozzle; let it do its work, lightly scrub, then rinse it all away. It doesn’t leave any grit that can scratch surfaces, but it does leave a clean fresh scent.
  • Lindhaus – Carpets look beautiful longer with regular vacuuming. Why not choose a vacuum the pros choose? There are lots of new models on the market. Some have new attachment gadgets. Others come in bright colors and don’t have bags. Recent testing confirms what professionals know, a great vacuum must measure up when it’s put to use on carpeting. And, if you want your indoor air to be cleaner, a vacuum with a bag is best. All fads aside, the Lindhaus is the vacuum professionals choose.
  • Perky Spotter – Do you ever need to quickly clean-up messes? Perky Spotter removes food, drinks, ink, even copy toner spilled on carpets. It’s easy to use. First remove debris and blot. Then, apply a small amount of ready-to-use Perky with a clean dye-free cloth wiping towards the middle of the stain from the outside edges.
  • Microfiber Towels – Microfiber towels are amazing lint-free cleaning essentials. Use them dry for dusting and polishing. The innovative fiber literally pulls dirt into the cloth like a magnet. They’re terrific for mop-ups because they hold 7 times their weight in water. When you’re finished, just toss in the washing machine. They last through 300 trips to the laundry. What a value, too!

No matter what time of the year, Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center can help you cut your cleaning time in half! Spring never arrives soon enough.

While you wait, we hope we can help make your days a little easier and brighter.

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