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Cleaning Where We Live: The Laundry Room

As we go about our busy lives, it’s extremely easy to toss things in the laundry room and shut the door: Clutter is a common occurrence in the laundry room, like piles of dirty clothes that need to be washed or stacks of clean clothes that need to be folded and put away. It’s essential to find an organized place to keep clean and dirty clothes separated. The Hang ‘N Hide is a great way to hang delicates to dry without taking up valuable space. There are also things that need mending or ironing that can clog up the space. Using the wall mounted Sophist-Clean Iron Organizer is an excellent way to keep your iron and ironing board out of the way but still easily accessible.

What about the other odds and ends like the broom and mop that end up in the laundry room: The Store ‘N Slide is a great way to hang the broom, mop and other tools in tight places and fits virtually anywhere. You can also take advantage of the wall space with the Magic Holder.

Take stock of all your detergents and cleaning products: Take the time to look through all your products and evaluate their usefulness. It’s also important to have the right product for all different types of challenges the family’s laundry can present. The right detergent is key; the Wash Brite Laundry Detergent is concentrated and will tackle any mess. The Instant Spot Remover is great for messy food stains whether you are at home or on the go. For stubborn stains like rust the Rust Oxy Stain Re­mover will get the job done. Colorful storage bins can be utilized to separate and store all your laundry detergents, stain removers and other products. Because a lot of us keep other cleaning products in the laundry room it’s convenient to have a Maid’s Basket handy to quickly grab and clean on the go. These little changes will keep things tidy and add a little spice to this simple space.  

As always, work from top to bottom: Start by re­moving excess lint and dust that has collected on all surfaces by wiping down the walls and light switch plates all the way down to the baseboards. Reach high ceilings and corners with the Cobweb Brush or Dusting Brush. Wipe down the outside of the liquid detergent bottles and any other containers. Finally, wipe down the exterior of the washer and dryer and any shelves or cabinets.

This is also the time to give a little extra TLC to your appliances: The cleanliness of our washing machine has a direct connection with the cleanli­ness of our clothes, so it is essential to clean not only the outside but the inside of your machine. Make sure to clean the bleach and fabric softener receptacles. Using a washing machine cleaner like Washer Magic is a great way to deodorize, remove odors and hard water buildup.

The dryer: Clothes dryers are linked to over 23,000 household fires every year. That makes it even more crucial to clean your dryer, hose and lint trap. Using a Lint Trap Brush is an excellent way to remove built up lint that escapes the lint trap. Did you know that most lint traps can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher? This will remove any waxy buildup caused from using dryer sheets and can help cut down on dry times saving cost and wear. Carefully take off the dryer hose and use a Dryer Vent Brush and your vacuum to remove any trapped lint.

Last, but certainly not least, sweep and mop the floor: The Rubber Broom and the Rubber Hand Brush are great at removing pet hair on fabric but are also very effective on floors, and can help remove dust, pet hair and lint. As you work your way out of the room take pride in your achievement and reward yourself by doing a fun activity with your family.

Happy Cleaning!
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Cleaning Where We Live: Outdoor Cleanup

“Now that spring has sprung, take advantage of the beautiful weather by cleaning up outside and washing those winter battered windows. Cleaning and organizing the garage will make your outdoor equipment more accessible so you have more time to enjoy warm weather activities.” … Don Aslett


When the dark skies of winter part and the sun starts to shine, it’s crucial to go outside and reclaim your home’s curb appeal: Get started by focusing on one task at a time. De-cluttering is the first step. Remove debris and buildup of leaves in the gutters and on sidewalks and walkways. The Rubber Broom can help you with this task; the squeegee side can move muddy or wet messes. Once this job is done, tackle siding. Using the Extend-A-Flo Multi Purpose Flow Through Wash Brush and a SoilMaster solution, wash down the siding to remove dirt and cobwebs that have settled over the winter months. With that done, your home will look more welcoming, and help motivate you to tackle the next projects on the list.


It’s time to wash the dirt of winter away: Before you haul out your outdoor furniture and cushions, hose down the patio or deck with the Ultimate Hose Nozzle, so you have a fresh pallet to start arranging furniture. After leaving decorative pots out during wet weather, rust stains can begin to form. You can also find rust stains on siding. Rust Oxy Stain Re­mover removes these stains and can also be used on brick, stone, boats & RVs, vinyl & painted metal siding. Another powerful technique to get your patio in tiptop shape is to use the HAAN Multiforce Pro Variable Steam Scrubbing Steamer. The moving scrub brush attachments are strong enough to at­tack deck boards and cement patios simply giving an extra level of clean to this difficult area.




What about the outdoor furniture? Start by clean­ing the hard surfaces. Usually the build up is a combination of dirt and oil left over from food spills from summers past. SoilMaster is a good choice since it removes both dirt and oil. What about fad­ing? Dazzle is an excellent sealer to protect outdoor furniture and leaves a non-greasy protective coating that resists fingerprints, smudges, dirt and hard water build up. It will help return shine and luster to flat surfaces. An Outdoor Furniture Washing Brush with Bird Dropping Scraper can help clean up on hard surfaces as well. Once you have the founda­tion of the furniture clean, it’s time to break out the cushions and add some color and softness to these hard surfaces. It’s vital to protect the fabric with 303® High Tech Fabric Guard which resists soiling, impedes the growth of mildew and helps protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays, which will keep the cushions gorgeous for seasons to come.



Don’t forget about the grill: We’ve all been miss­ing tasty, home cooked BBQ all winter long, so now is the time to give the grill a good cleaning. The 16” Long, Heavy Duty Wide Faced BBQ Grill Brush in combination with SoilMaster will make the grill like new in time for all the upcoming family dinners that are bound to take place on the patio this spring.


Finally, add a little color to your space: Clean up your terracotta pots and plant some small colorful annuals to create a bright and colorful atmosphere for all of your outdoor spaces.




If you need any further information, please email us at info.website@cleanreport.com or call our cus­tomer service hotline at (800) 451-2402.


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Now that you’ve got a good floor finish … There are just 2 Simple Steps left to keep your floors looking gorgeous every day!


“When you start with a good finish … you’re floors not only look their best, keeping them that way is a breeze. A microfiber dust mop picks up loose dust and dirt the best; then follow with a damp mop and a good neutral cleaner to let the beauty of the finish shine through again and again!” … Don Aslett

If you read our last blog post, you understand the importance of having a good finish on wood and hard floors. When you do, regular floor care is a breeze and your floors look more beautiful than ever … without cracks, scratches or wear marks to trap and hold onto dirt, controlling dust and cleaning up spills and messes will be faster and the floor will be cleaner when you are finished.

Now that you have the floor finished, here are the 2 simple steps we recommend to keep them looking gorgeous every day!

#1 – Managing day-to-day dust and loose dirt is a must:  Dirt is depreciating; it acts like sandpaper on your floors, wearing the finish prematurely.  You have three choices, and the one that works for you depends on you home.

Option 1: Professionals prefer dust mopping over sweeping – it is faster, since you can cover more area, more thoroughly in less time. Microfiber Dust Mops do not require any treatment, they have built in static to capture the fine dust and pet hair. Make It Fast & Easy: Dust Mop in an “S” shape with your pile of gunk out in front (to avoid scratching) and then just vacuum it up when you’re done.  You can use the vacuum hose to clean the dust pad or just shake it outside.  Be sure to wash it occasionally when the dirt won’t come loose any longer (FYI – there is always a little bit of micronized grease and oil on our hard floors – the microfiber dust pad will also clean and capture that as well, keeping it from building up on your floors over time).

Option 2: Not convinced or prefer a more traditional method?  Then a broom is the answer.  Quick and easy with nothing to clean up afterwards but the pile of dust. A Rubber Broom is our top choice, it captures the dirt as well as the pet hair.

Option 3: Finally, you can vacuum with a traditional vacuum, like the Miele Twist, or use the rechargeable Linx stick vacuum. With no power cord, the Linx is super convenient for quick clean ups on all types of hard floors. The Lithium Ion battery powers it for up to 40 minutes on one charge. It provides quick and thorough clean up without bringing out your heavier regular vacuum.

#2 – Regular mopping removes dirt, grime, heel marks and more from hard flooring:  The frequency with which you clean and mop your floors depends on your household – obviously a house full of kids and dogs is going to require a little more love! Fortunately, kids and pets provide plenty of love and joy in return!

Mop with a neutral cleaner like Clean N Brite or Wood Wash so they don’t get dull and grimy:  Both are available in a concentrate so you can dilute it yourself and save money.  The Don Aslett Mini Pro Mop or the Easy Glide Mist Mop will help make clean up even easier with a microfiber pad.  Microfiber pads will mop up to 500 square feet of floor before they need to be cleaned.  They are machine washable up to 300 times so one pad can last you for years, saving you money compared to disposables.

Your floors are one of the first things your guests see when they enter your home. Armed with this advice, you’ll make make a lasting impression every time!

Happy Cleaning,

Don Aslett

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