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Guide to Eliminating Pet Stains & Odor in Carpet

Guide to Eliminating Pet Stains & Odor in Carpet

Don't replace your carpet - learn how to permanently remove pet stains and odors.

DIY Vacuum Maintenance Checklist

DIY Vacuum Maintenance Checklist

Make your vacuum last longer with maintenance advice from the cleaning professionals!

How to Clean A Vacuum Brush Roll

How to Clean A Vacuum Brush Roll

Speed up vacuuming chores by keeping the brush roll free of tangles!

Cleaning Metal and plastic blinds

The Quick Way to Clean Plastic and Metal Window Blinds

Cleaning metal and plastic window blinds can seem like a major task, but it doesn’t have to be.  Follow these simple tips from the professionals and you’ll have clean, sparkling blinds in no time – without the frustration! Quick Cleaning Blinds: Window blinds get dusty and dirty quickly, so the best way to avoid or

What Can Safety Foam Do For You Featured

What Can Safety Foam Do For You?

Getting rid of tough rings and stains inside the toilet bowl like these is a chore than can be done the easy way or the hard way. The reason is these rings and stains are actually made of hardened minerals and they are rock-hard. What you need is a cleaner than can dissolve the minerals.

pet stain odor elimination guide featured

Guide to Eliminating Pet Stains and Odors in Carpet

If you have a fuzzy friend in your home, chances are you’ve dealt with pet stains and odors in carpet.  These nasty stains and odors seep deep into the carpet backing all the way to the subfloor.  In this blog the experts at Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center show you the easy way to get rid

How to Remove Tangles and Clean Brush Roll featured

The Right Way to Remove Tangles and Clean a Vacuum Brush Roll

Your vacuum’s brush roll works to sweep carpet debris, deeply imbedded pet hair and other dirt into the vacuum so the suction can whisk away the contaminants and clean your carpet.  When your brush roll gets tangled with thread and hair or the bristles become clogged it can’t do its job the way it was

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Germier Than A Public Toilet: How to Sanitize Carpet

Everyday you and your family walk, play, crawl and lay on a surface that is 166 times more germy than a public toilet, yet you may have never even thought to sanitize it!  The average household carpet is teeming with germs – about 200,000 per square inch, while a public toilet harbors about 1,201 per square inch according to

Intro to carpet database featured image

Introduction to the Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal Database

“Stains and spots are just like cement – the longer you wait, the harder it gets!” – Don Aslett in “Stain Buster’s Bible” When you have a spot or spill on carpet it is important you don’t wait – act fast to have the best chance of getting it out.  But do you know the

Fresh Bloon on carpet featured

Blood (fresh): How to Remove it from Carpet

What it is: Blood (fresh) is any blood that is still wet to the touch. What it is NOT: If it has dried, see Blood (dry). How to Remove it: Act quickly! Keep it wet with cold water for the best chance of removing it. Blot up as much as possible using a clean, white

toner on carpet featured

Toner: How to Remove it from Carpet

What it is: Toner is the powdery ink or carbon used in many copy machines and printers. What it’s NOT:             Liquid ink or toner that has gotten wet with any liquid.  If this is the case, see ink for removal instructions. How to Remove it: Use a vacuum to get up as much of the

Adhesive on carpet featured

Adhesive: How to Remove it From Carpet

What it is: Adhesive is the stick stuff on the back of labels, stickers, price tags, and Band-Aids. What it’s NOT:             Chewing gum or glue How to Remove it: ALWAYS DO A SPOT TEST IN AN INCONSPICOUS SPOT TO DETERMINE IF THE SPOTTER WILL REMOVE DYE FROM THE CARPET. Peel off any remaining sticker or

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