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Pet Stains and Odors on Carpet Removal Guide

Pet Stains and Odors on Carpet Removal Guide

Don't rip out your carpet! Save it with solutions and tips from the professionals! Learn the simple, money saving secrets to getting rid of pet funk once and for all.

Can't Stand Cleaning Odors?  Let Us Help!

Can't Stand Cleaning Odors? Let Us Help!

When you're allergic or sensitive to cleaning chemicals and artificial fragrances cleaning can be a nightmare! Learn how simple changes in your cleaning routine can offer big relief!

Stainless Steel & Stone Care

Stainless Steel & Stone Care

Guide to keeping stainless steel and granite, marble, or other natural stone in top shape!

lemishine featured image

Lemi-Shine Prevents Kitchen & Laundry Woes

Nothing throws a whole day off schedule like a broken dishwasher or malfunctioning clothes washer. Suddenly you have to deal with a flood of water across your kitchen or laundry room floor, an unexpected expense, and a repair person who will arrive when it is convenient for them and not you. Instead of loosing a

New Cleaning Technology

Clean Better, Faster, & Easier with new Technology!

New cleaning technology lets you wash windows 25% faster, quickly and easily scour away tough grime, and vacuum longer — without a cord — and The Cleaning Center has it all.   Let us help you choose the cutting edge technology you need to clean better, faster and easier than you ever could before! The

Brite Just Right

When It Comes To Hard Surfaces, Clean n’ Brite is Just Right!

If you’re looking to simplify your cleaning routine, Clean n’ Brite can replace more products in your cleaning kit than anything else!  Mirrors, floors, counters, sinks, appliances, wood, metal, walls, and windows — if it is hard to the touch and can handle water Clean n’ Brite can clean it! Gentle, pH neutral Clean n’

Cleaning Metal and plastic blinds

The Quick Way to Clean Plastic and Metal Window Blinds

Cleaning metal and plastic window blinds can seem like a major task, but it doesn’t have to be.  Follow these simple tips from the professionals and you’ll have clean, sparkling blinds in no time – without the frustration! Quick Cleaning Blinds: Window blinds get dusty and dirty quickly, so the best way to avoid or

What Can Safety Foam Do For You Featured

What Can Safety Foam Do For You?

Getting rid of tough rings and stains inside the toilet bowl like these is a chore than can be done the easy way or the hard way. The reason is these rings and stains are actually made of hardened minerals and they are rock-hard. What you need is a cleaner than can dissolve the minerals.

pet stain odor elimination guide featured

Guide to Eliminating Pet Stains and Odors in Carpet

If you have a fuzzy friend in your home, chances are you’ve dealt with pet stains and odors in carpet.  These nasty stains and odors seep deep into the carpet backing all the way to the subfloor.  In this blog the experts at Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center show you the easy way to get rid

How to Remove Tangles and Clean Brush Roll featured

The Right Way to Remove Tangles and Clean a Vacuum Brush Roll

Your vacuum’s brush roll works to sweep carpet debris, deeply imbedded pet hair and other dirt into the vacuum so the suction can whisk away the contaminants and clean your carpet.  When your brush roll gets tangled with thread and hair or the bristles become clogged it can’t do its job the way it was

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